The Sirens ' Call


The Sirens’ Call is a BDSM play party at the Showboat. Our party’s are for all kinksters between the ages 25 and 45. Partners between the ages 18 and 55 are also welcome to join! Our party happens six times a year, every fourth Saturday of the odd month, in the afternoon between 1 and 7 p.m. Would you like to know the exact dates? You can find our agenda here.

Our entrance costs €10, with a minimum of €10 to spend on drinks at the bar. Between 5 and 6 p.m. we have a buffet that’s included in the price.
After the Sirens’ Call you are welcome to stay for the Swingersnight of the Showboat. You can ask the crew of the Showboat if there is a discount on the price for the evening party.

Are you looking forward to our party? You can register about a month in advance, we will let you know through our newsletter and our fetlife page when the registration opens exactly. We advice to keep an eye on this, because our guest list is full very quickly.

Registration is obligated for everyone! Please don’t forget to read our houserules.

A Siren is a mythic  creature, often pictured as a mermaid of a half woman- half bird. With their song they lure sailors, this often costs the ship to get stuck on the rocks and sink. The expression ‘Siren call’ is still used in the English language to express something with a lot of allure, but also possible dangerous consequences.

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