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First and foremost: our most important rule is and will always be; SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL. No means no!

 An overview of the party:

  • Our party’s are six times a year on the fourth Saturday of the odd month, between 1 and 7 p.m.
  • We have an age limit, our parties are for kinksters between the ages 25 and 45 years old, and their partners between 18 and 55 years old.
  • The entre fee is €10, with a minimum of €10 to spend on drinks at the bar.
  • You can pay with card or cash
  • There will be a buffet between 5 and 6 p.m.
  • The dresscode is non-casual


  • Registration is always obligated
  • We’ll announce on our newsletter, site and fetlife when the registration opens. Usually this is about a month before the party.
  • We can’t put you on the list if the information of your registration isn’t complete. Make sure everyone you fill out the form for has a name, age, and gender.
  • You can cancel until 8 p.m. the Friday before the party.
  • The moment our waiting list has more than 75 people on it, we’ll close the registration form. If that’s not the case you can register until 8 p.m. the Friday before the party.
  • If you don’t show up without cancelling in time, you will be put on the waiting list the next time you register. You will hear from us a week before the party if you can come.

Waiting list:

  • Are you waitlisted and did you make other plans? Let us know! It saves us a lot of  trouble, and we can mail the next person on the list as soon as a spot opens op.
  • If you are waitlisted it is possible a spot on the guestlist opens up on friday evening. Don’t forget to check your mail!
  • If there really isn’t any place left on the guest list we will email you about this on Friday after 9 p.m.
  • If you are put on the waitlist, it’s not appreciated if you show up at the day of the party.


  • After registration you get a number in the mail, you need this number at the entrance.
  • The entre fee is €10, with a minimum of €10 to spend on drinks at the bar. You pay the entre fee up front, your bar tab at the end of the party. You can pay with pin or cash.
  • If you are registered with a partner, please show up at the same time.
  • Always bring your ID card, passport or drivers license. We can’t let you in without identification.

During the party:

  •  our most important rule is and will always be; SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL. No means no!
  • It’s not allowed to bring your own drinks or food.
  • We have a team of dungeon monitors that will be at the party to make sure the ambiance and safety is okay. You can recognize them by the button with our logo.
  • If somethings wrong you can always talk to a DM. Can’t solve it with them? Usually there’s someone at the entrance that can help you out.
  • We have to abide the law. This means theft, vandalism, selling and doing drugs, carrying weapons or firearms, and other things prohibited by law are not allowed.
  • We don’t allow prostitution
  • Please leave the room and/or materials you use just as clean as you found it.
  • Please put used towels in the container in front of the sauna. Small towels are free to use, big ones are for rent for €2,50 at the entrance.
  • No sex in the hot tub!
  • Mobile phones, camera’s, and other things that can make pictures aren’t allowed.
  • Making any kind of recording isn’t allowed.
  • We ask all our guests to leave any problems they might have with each other outside.

Playing during the party:

  • Again; our most important rule is and will always be; SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL. No means no!
  • Play is always for your own risk.
  • All kinds of play that include blood, feces,  trying to make someone pass out, using fire or fireworks, are not allowed.
  • Play that includes urine is only allowed in the shower.
  • Needleplay or knifeplay is allowed, but we ask you to please let our DMs know.
  • Waxplay is allowed in the dungeon, we expect you to bring something to protect the floor. We ask you to please let our DMs know.
  • Keep a respectful distance when watching someone play.
  • Don’t interrupt someones play, unless it’s for safety reasons.
  • We have some private rooms, if you can lock the door, it’s allowed to be locked. We also have doorhangers.


  • During most of the party’s our photographer Fotodier will be in one of the rooms we use as a photobooth.
  • The photobooth is open from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Let the person at the photobooth know what number your registered under, that way we can send you your own pictures.
  • We will only send you your pictures. We won’t publish any pictures anywhere else.
  • Our photographer is the only one allowed to make pictures, and he wont do this outside the photobooth.

After te party:

  • At 7 p.m. the party is over.
  • Everyone who does not wish to stay for the Showboats swingersnight is asked to get dressed and pay their bar tab at the entrance.
  • If you have payed and are waiting for other people, please do this outside or in the hall.

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